Lovely teacher

              The best teacher that I had in my life is my Mathematics teacher when I was Form One. That teacher's name is Mrs. Foong. I don't know her real name. She is so kind, beautiful and intelligent. I like the way she taught me. She told all her students how to remember the formula. Mrs. Foong smile was so precious. She has pimple that was cute.
               Everyday, I wanted her entered my class. I really like that teacher. When I returned home, I always story about that teacher to my family. It's hard to find teacher like her because Mrs. Foong and I were close. Some students envy with me. She always give homework to do it. When students say something that they don't want anymore homework, she will say "Your homework is the only the best thing to improve your Mathematics skills." Many times she said like that and until now I remembered that pharases.
              16 May is the Teacher's Day. My school celebrated it. She thanked to me. When in the class, sometimes Mrs. Foong like to sing. It's her habit. "I will follow you, Just wait and see." That's the lyrics that she always said.
              In the mid year examination when I was Form 1, I got fever. I answered Mathematic's question with not feeling well. I always sleep in that exam. I could not do well in that exam. When the result came out, Mrs. Foong asked me "What happened ? Why you got this mark?" The way she asked like she very dissapointed with me. I felt sad. I told her that I got fever in that exam. Then, she quiet and she saw something. Haha. Yeah, I'm crying. Like a kid. Haha. She told me not to cry. "It's just the examination and do your best in final exam." Mrs. Foong said.
               At last, during the final examination, I got A for Mathematics. Yeah, I did it ! I'm really thanked to her and she proud to me. I was so glad. Without her and her teaching skill, I will not got A.
               When I was Form 2, I'm searched Mrs. Foong but I could not found her. Has she transferred to another school ? I want to give her a present and say that Mrs. Foong is my best teacher. But I can't find her until now. I hope one day I can meet her. Stay healthy teacher and I miss you.
Mrs. Foong,
I really miss you. I hope we can meet one day.
This is an essay that I wrote about you in examination.
How are you, teacher ? I hope you stay healthy.
Don't forget me, teacher.
-Nurul Nabila-


Thank You :)

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